It all started when...

a core of residents with pride in where they live, a friendly atmosphere and a few solid employers. One key in revitalization is to bring visitors into the community.

The spark for new direction came from Lois Smith, widow of Darwin Smith, CEO of Kimberly-Clark from 1971 to 1991. She lives on a 800 acre farm just outside of town, loves Wittenberg and wants to see it thrive.

She visited Lake Placid, Florida, a similar town with identical problems and saw what adding 30 murals had done there for tourism and businesses and brought this idea back to Wittenberg.


WOWSPACE - located at: 114 Vinal Street, Wittenberg

WOWSPACE - located at: 114 Vinal Street, Wittenberg

Oct. 5 & 6

"Some of the Finest of WOW"
8 talented artists will be featured in a lovingly restored building that once housed a pharmacy in the heart of Downtown Wittenberg.

Jim Leuenberger - captures the amazing beauty of nature with his photography.

Hilary Rinke creates

Scott Lawton

Carmen Duran

David windey

Jean Sredl - Fabric Artist