Mill Creek Pottery

W11561 Mill Creek Rd., Gresham, WI 54128


Mill Creek Pottery has been a hub for quality wood-fired ceramic art since 1999. Owned and operated by Simon Levin, he and his apprentices are advancing the cause of the traditional process of wood-firing clay to create beautiful, functional objects. It would be our honor for you to join us for some great art, great food, and great company.


Wood firing is a process of individuality. The making of each piece is full of variables and no two pieces are ever alike. The ash and flame moving through the kiln etch their paths across the ware. The ash melts forming a natural glaze bonded to the clay.
— Simon Levin

Flame-decorated wood-fired bottle by Simon Levin


Experience the serenity and quietude of a country potter's life. Tour the beautiful grounds, walk the grassy labyrinth, visit the bubbling creek, step inside the huge wood-fired kilns, and watch the artists at work, throwing clay on their potter's wheels.


We've got food.

Our brand new wood-fired pizza oven will be fired up full throttle!

And to add good taste (for your mouth) to the event, Nueske's will be generously offering samples of their artisan crafted bacon, landjaeger, and more!


We are proud to be hosting 6 talented and thoughtful artists in the media of wood-fired pottery, gas and electric-fired pottery, pen & ink, and colored pencil. 


Simon Levin,

Owner Mill Creek Pottery

"I love being a potter, I love the amount of time one holds a coffee cup, touches it to their lips, cradles it in their hands, what an intimate and sensuous interaction with an object."

887F5316-230E-445D-BB13-6EE7CD69E25E (1).jpeg

Harry Levenstein, Current Mill Creek Apprenctice

"My pots are an ode to the subtle beauty and rhythms of the landscapes that I find myself residing in. Each one, a microcosm containing essential parts to the whole that they represent."




Steve Rolf,

Studio Potter

“I continually play with shape and surface within parameters set by the intended purpose of the pot. These parameters open a world of exploration for me.”

Nancy Korth,

Studio Potter

Nancy, a neighbor of Mill Creek Pottery, uses the sgraffito technique, as well as the woodkiln's atmospheric affects to adorn her highly functional pots.


Ian Connors,

Former Mill Creek Apprentice

"Handmade pots are countercultural; these pots, their makers, and their users choose to focus their efforts away from the vulgarity of our societal values.  With our current political climate and the rapid speed of life, I am easily consumed by fears and schedules.  Handmade pots encourage their users to slow down and celebrate daily life. "

Megan Dorsch (1).jpg

Megan Dorsch,

Local Illustrator


Megan's pen & ink, and colored pencil illustrations are sure to delight your daily experience with their familiar topics.

Each year we have had a huge response to our pottery tours.  Visitors enjoy seeing the two wood kilns and learning the detailed process of our work.  Folks ask great questions and leave understanding the complexity, force, and nature of wood-firing.  Seeing the tools and equipment is always enhanced by seeing the potters at work.

This year will be a celebration of quality arts in joyous high style. You won't want to miss visiting us, and you won't want to leave.

See you soon!