Kloes Custom Furniture

N7193 Ballard Rd.  Seymour, WI. 54165

Bob Kloes


Everything I create is made in America. My lumber comes from Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, along with some from Indiana and Iowa. It is sourced from responsible loggers and mills. All my hardware and finishes come from the USA. I use water base dyes, paints, and finishes for most of my work.

      As a furniture maker I look at wood differently than a cabinet shop or large furniture company. I look for the heavier figure, unusual color, and lumber that is from 1 tree. When making a piece, I want the lumber to be from one tree, so the color and figure are all consistent. It is the little things that set my work apart from mass produced furniture places. I consider myself fortunate to do a job that I love. I am very blessed.

The lumber I use is all figured. What that means is it has curl, stripes, bubbles, eyes, and colors that are not found on 99.7% of the wood used for furniture. I source all my lumber myself. I am proud to know good loggers and mill owners who care about the forests. A large part of my business now is providing this lumber to folks all across America. I select this special figured wood and then ship it to my clients. I can proudly say I have made furniture that is in 48 of 50 states.

Guest Artist - JESS HOFFMAN

Jess Hoffman, custom knife maker -  I pride myself on making my knives from start to finish. I generally start with bars or sheets of steel, design, profile and grind the blades. I do all my own heat treating, including cryo treatment. I then fit the blade with a handle that I feel best fits the shape and design of the blade. www.jhoffmanknives.com

Guest Artist - DONNA MOTQUIN

Donna Motquin, abstract painter...

Guest Artist - Mark Motquin

Mark Motquin, turner of art...